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Who We Serve

The Pieces of Home Backpack Project was implemented at Boston Medical Center to serve children who are in the first phase of foster care, an emergency removal from an unsafe situation. The children are brought to the hospital by police officers, emergency medical technicians, or family members.

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"It's such a HUGE help for me, so that I am not rifling through my 12 year old son's outgrown clothes at 2 am in the attic, looking for a size 5 pair of PJ's. The kids LOVE the backpacks..."


Item Donation

All items need to be new. This allows the children to have something that has only belongs to them and is theirs forever.

We accept individual items or completed backpacks.

All items donated will get used. All donations are important. The project has grown by grass roots donations, people reaching a hand out to others needing support.

We will assist you in sponsoring a drive in your school, club, or business. We have flyers, shopping list, wish lists and we always send thank you notes!

We recommend choosing an age or sex that you or your organization believes fits your mission. If your 4th grade girls scouts want to make a collection…collect items that 4th grade girls love.

The largest storage location is at Boston Medical Center where the items are then distributed to the other locations or you can contact a coordinator directly by the website link.

Each location may have specific needs at specific times so do not hesitate to contact us directly for that list.

See our Wish List and Quick Shopping List for ideas.

Support Pieces of Home with a Monetary Donation

If you would like to make a monetary donation, please use the link below which will direct you to the Boston Medical Center website where you can make your donation in a secure environment.

Click here to go to the BMC Pieces of Home Monetary Donations page


Click here to visit the Boston Medical Center Development site