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Who We Serve

The Pieces of Home Backpack Project was implemented at Boston Medical Center to serve children who are in the first phase of foster care, an emergency removal from an unsafe situation. The children are brought to the hospital by police officers, emergency medical technicians, or family members.

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"It's such a HUGE help for me, so that I am not rifling through my 12 year old son's outgrown clothes at 2 am in the attic, looking for a size 5 pair of PJ's. The kids LOVE the backpacks..."


How to Start Your Program

It is easy!

If the program speaks to you and you have a location that would benefit from the backpacks, please contact Kathleen Walz

Your location would need one person to be responsible for caring for the program.

Your location will need a locked cabinet or closet to house the bags with easy access for the staff that would need to get the backpacks when a child in need arrives

We will delivery the backpacks filled, tagged and labeled to go.